Sunday, July 22, 2012

Underworld by Meg Cabot

Finally my box from came, WOOHOO! and in it was my copy of Underworld, the second book in the Abandon trilogy. As I started reading this book it was so easy to fall right in where the first book left off. Underworld was terrific; it was more about John Hayden (Hades character) and his background. The story explained more about how he became ruler of the underworld and all the hardships that he has had to deal with. Also, this book gave more information about Uncle Chris and Pierce's family, which I liked. This book answered a lot of questions that I had after reading the first book and I appreciated that. I can't stand when all you get is question after question with no answers in-between. However, I must also say that while this book does answer a lot of questions it also give us some new ones to think about, especially about those dangerous Furies. I enjoyed reading Underworld until the last page and was so sad that I have to wait until next spring for the last book Awaken :(


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