Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pitch Perfect (PG-13)

Last night I went to see Pitch Perfect with my friend Ashton, and it was so good.  The movie is about a cappella groups competing to be the best.  The main actors are Anna Kendrick who you might recognize from Twilight and Skylar Astin who I did not recognize, but who was awesome none the less.  The movie is really funny and there is also a little love story in it which I was not expecting.  Also, not to give anything away but The Breakfast Club plays a role in the movie which was great, I love that movie and its theme song.  I really can't wait to own this movie and who knows I might just have to go see it again :)  Just an FYI don't have a heavy meal before you go see this movie, you might regret it.  One of the girls in it throws up and it's pretty gross.

5 out of 5 stars
Good Girl's night out movie
Would definitely go see it again.

*movie poster from IMDb
**video from You Tube

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