Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jake Owen and the North Carolina State Fair

The North Carolina State Fair started this past Thursday and I have been waiting my turn to go.  This year I am going a couple of times because I am going to all of the country concerts with my friends Ashton and yes Dennys (we talked him into going to the Scotty concert).  Last night was the first of four concerts.  We went to see Jake Owen, he was excellent and while I do not know a lot of his songs I knew a few and really liked some of his newer ones.  Jake Owen is on his first headline tour right now, you can check out his website for tour dates.  His new song Pass a Beer was my favorite but I also really liked Heaven.

Jake Owen was really awesome on stage he brought up some of the NC State football team and announced that they had beat his favorite team Florida State.  There was a ton of cheering, it was awesome especially since I am a Wolf Pack Fan :)  He also brought a little girl on stage and danced with her and gave her a few freebies, she was very cute and the whole thing was just a sweet as it could be.  I can't wait to go to the other concerts.

*State Fair logo from NC State Fair website 
**music video is from YouTube


  1. Yes Jake Owen was the first concert that we went to out of 4 concerts and I can’t wait to go to the others!!!!! Jake Owen was Awesome he did really well on stage he was so energetic I loved him!!! I had a blast with Tabitha dancing and singing to some of the songs that we knew

    1. I loved the concert I knew way more songs than I thought that I knew.