Tuesday, September 18, 2012

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences BUGFEST!

Bugfest is a yearly event held at the Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh.  I had never been, but had heard that its a lot of fun.  This year it happened that I was babysitting on the Saturday that it was held.  So I decided to take the two little boys that I was babysitting.  We had so much fun, the museum and other companies had all kinds of booths set up inside and outside for kids.  There was a bounce house, face painting, and a giant caterpillar to craw through.  For adults there was also a lot of information about different environmental problems and ways to help prevent them.  All the booths were really neat and the boys and I definitely learned a lot.  For the brave adults and kids you could also try different foods made with bugs :/ we did not try any :)


This booth above had injured animals that they were helping to rehabilitate and release back into the wild.  It was really cool being so close to the little owl in the picture the boys thought it was really cool too.

When we went inside the museum they had even more booths set up where you could hold different bugs.  We held a Madagascar hissing cockroach, and one of the boys held a walking stick.  There was also a tarantula that you could hold we tried but she had to be put away after being held for too long.  you can see a brave soul holding her below.  Did you know that they eat the males after they have babies.  ewwwww.....  There is also a picture of a praying mantis, this years bug of the year was the praying mantis.


Here are a few other pictures in the museum, if you live in Raleigh or are visiting you should check out the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  Even if you have been there before you should go again, this past April the museum opened a new wing, when I go I will post about it :)



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