Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Wizard Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

The second book in the Heir Chronicles is The Wizard Heir, and I must say I liked this book even better than the first, and I LOVED the first.

The Wizard Heir is the story of Seph McCauley, who has been to and been kicked out of several boarding schools over the last few years.  Seph grew up knowing that he was a wizard, but also knowing very little about his family.  He knows that what he has been told about his family is a lie and all he wants is answers.  In the book Seph gets sent to the Havens, an all boys school, and discovers that the alumni and staff are all wizards.  The story goes on to tell of Seph's troubles at the school, his escape and finding out who his family really is.  During the story Seph ends up in Trinity and Jack, Ellen and quite a few other characters from The Warrior Heir show up to add to the story.  This is a really great book, and I loved how the author included/continued characters and story plots from the first book while adding Seph and a few other interesting characters.  For more information about The Heir Chronicles please visit the author, Cinda Williams Chima's website,

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