Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yarn Wreath Craft Night

This past Saturday night I was invited to a craft night at my friend Brooke's house.  There were two crafts that you could pick from; one was a berry letter and the other was a yarn wreath.  I chose to do a yarn wreath, I let my mom pick out the materials.  Her birthday is coming up and I am giving the yarn wreath to her as an early present :)  Instructions on a yarn wreath are HERE.  It was a good project and I had so much fun, but be prepared, putting the yarn on the wreath takes some time.  The best part was decorating with the Christmas stuff that my mom had picked out.  The wreath turned out really cute and I think I am going to make two more for our back door.  Here is my wreath, and yes my mom loves it :) I could not wait and gave it to her early.

Also for the craft night we were to bring a Pinterest recipe.  I chose to bring Pumpkin Bars, they are so good.  There was also Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pumpkin Dip and Skinny Puppy Chow.  (F.Y.I. these are the links for the pins on Pinterest, if you click on the picture of the pin it will take you to the recipes.)

Many Thanks to Brooke for inviting me, I had so much fun.


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